Classes and Workshops


Beginning Digital Photography Class Laura Moul, Certified Professional Photographer/Master Photographer/Craftsman Photographer, will offer digital photography classes.  She has taught hundreds of satisfied students for over 7 years………longer than any other instructor in this area of West Virginia.  She also has taught in Kentucky and Beckley WV.          Gift certificates are available!

 Participants can bring their point and shoot cameras or SLR cameras and receive hands-on training on how to take photographs, what ones to save or edit, and ways to archive or organize them after images are shot. Laura reviews basic photography concepts and provides reference materials to help each student. A maximum of ten students can enroll in each class. Each part is $30 each or prepay prior to 1st class = $80.  The class works best to take all 3 sections, as they build on each other with practice assignments in between.


 For specific class information feel free to call Laura at 304-743-8281 or visit her website   Beginning Digital Photography Class Part 1 Students should bring their cameras, manuals, charged batteries and fresh memory cards with them. In this class Laura review how to take photographs, which photos to save/edit, and discusses ways to organize them.  Part 2 concentrates on more hands-on practice and transferring digital files to computer. Basic editing photo software will also be reviewed. This includes discussions/demonstrations of photo editing programs..  Part 3 reviews the first 2 parts and provides more in-depth instruction and practice especially with settings on students’ cameras. Check this website’s calendar for class dates.

Mondays–Hobby Lobby   3 part class– March 12, 19, 26, 2018

Tuesdays–Hurricane Putnam County Park  3 part class –March 13, 20, 27, 2018

Wednesdays–Charleston 3 part class–Uncork and Create–March 2018

All one day workshop including the three parts above…………..depending on need, in other parts of WV or OH or KY

NEW Beckley Art Center, WV   All day workshop/class 9 am to 4 pm  Saturday, April 14, 2018.

  Laura will teach all three parts in one day.                Special price $85.



This class is a follow-up for beginning digital photography students of Laura Moul.  Other students will be accepted on a per case basis.  Pre-registration will be required.  The format will be the same as the previous classes, 3 parts for $85, with new reference material included.  The enrollment will be limited to the first 7 that sign up.  Please call Laura 304-743-8281 or see Laura’s website . Additional intermediate classes will be offered depending on demand. Each part will have a follow-up assignment to reinforce concepts.

Part 1  Review aperture, shutter, depth of field, and exposure compensation.  Exposure modes and controlling exposure will also be reviewed. Composition will be taught, as well as perspective.  Advantages and pitfalls of digital will be discussed.  More hands-on will be emphasized for controls on students’ cameras.

Part 2  More in-depth discussion of focus and white/color balance……….with specifics on various lenses, controlling sharpness etc.  A review of file management techniques will follow-up knowledge taught in the beginning digital photography class Exposure bracketing will be discussed. Night photos and flash will also be discussed.

Part 3 Flash power and range, auto and fill flash,and external flash will be taught.  Manual and program modes, travel photography, will be presented.  Photography ‘tips and tricks’ for macro, landscapes, sports, people, weddings, and night photograph will be reviewed.  Some emphasis on printing and presentation, as well as marketing.  As time allows, an outside ‘shooting exercise’ may occur

 Call Laura for more information (304-743-8281) for specific information and prices. Please email or call her if you are interested! Prepayment is required.

All classes are 5:30-7:30 pm

Cost of $85 for the intermediate class or $30 per class, includes reference materials, portfolio review….

 For specific information regarding the classes feel free to call Laura at 304-743-8281. Preregistration is required with a maximum of 8-10 students per 3-part classes.  This allows for hands-on instruction.  Preregister by calling Laura……..who will give you her address to mail her a check for the registration costs and to hold a spot for you.

For all classes, maximum of 10 students to allow hands-on practice.  Some locations require a minimum number of registrants. 

PERSONALIZED TUTORING    Arrangements can be made for private tutoring to help individuals or 2-3 people for more concentrated instruction.  Please call 304-743-8281 to request more information and pricing.


For an all day workshop, the above classes can be taught with time for hands-on shooting.  This would be for locations other than the Huntington to Charleston area.   Costs may vary depending on location, need to stay overnight, etc.  Contact Laura for a quote.