Classes and Workshops

Beginner Digital Photography Classes  3 parts

Hobby Lobby  Monday, September 10, 17, 24, 2018   5:30-7:30 pm  $80  postponed till October

email for more information and to pre-register call 304-743-8281.

Putnam Parks Tuesdays  September 11, 18, 25, 2018  postponed until October

Dunbar/Charleston area  Wednesdays September 12, 19, 26, 2018  (Dunbar Rec, Center) Postponed  until October

Part 1: Introduction, discover controls on cameras.  Learn composition tips. Ways to organize digital files, plus hands on practice.  Introduce Aperture Priority (A or AV).

Part 2: Concentrate on more hands-on practice, transferring files to computer and external hard drive.  Review basic editing software.  Introduce Shutter Priority (TV or S) and Exposure Compensation.

Part 3:Reviews first two parts and provide more in-depth practice.

Mini-assignments are given for increased practice and understanding.  Reference materials are also provided. Preregistration is required as class sizes are limited.


Intermediate Digital Photography Class  (offered periodically as requested)

Part 1: Review aperture, shutter, depth of field, and exposure compensation,  Exposure modes and how to control expose, with more composition and perspective reviewed.

Part 2:  Discussion of focus and white/color balance, specifics on various lenses, as well as controlling sharpness.  Review file management.  Exposure bracketing will be discussed.

Part 3: Flash power and range, auto and fill flash, and external flash will be discussed.  Manual and program modes plus travel photography will be reviewed.  Photography tips and tricks for macro, landscapes, sports, people, weddings and night photography will be reviewed.  Printing and marketing will be reviewed (as time allows).

Mini-assignments are given   for increased practice and understanding.  Extensive reference materials are provided for each part.  Individuals who already understand the concepts of aperture and shutter can enroll in the intermediate class or those who took Laura’s beginning class.  Prior approval and preregistration are necessary.  Limited class size.