Nature Photographer in West Virginia
Tunnel of Life                             
Milton WV
Thurmond Bridge WV

 Rafting on the New River

Swinging Bridge at Babcock State Park, WV
Landscape Photography in West VIrginia
Seneca Rocks in Spring (watercolor filter)
Sandstone Falls in Autumn
Charleston Riverfront WV
Logan State Park, Pond Reflection WV
windows of old abandoned school
near Harman WV
Leaning abandoned building, Harman WV
Towels hanging on a line in Pocahontos WV
Dolly Sods mountain laural in June, WV
Wide angle (fisheye) view of Hawks Nest, WV
Pioneer Farm at Twin Falls State Park, WV
Lindy Point in spring in Blackwater Falls State Park, WV
Misty Falls State Park , road to Lindy Point in Blackwater Falls State Park, WV
Historic Keith Albee Theater in Huntington WV
New River reflections near Sandstone Falls State Park, WV
Ritter Park, Huntington WV, springtime jogger
Glade Creek Grist Mill, Babcock State Park, infrared photo, WV
Greenbrier River reflection, WV
Freeland Boardwalk in fall, Canaan National Wildlife Refuge, WV
Fisherman, Coal River near St. Albans, WV
Clay Center for Arts and Sciences, Charleston WV
Capital Street scene near Taylor Books, WV
WV State Capital and Kanawha River
Thurmond Bridge WV


left Wings to Fly in CA; trees

in Ohio on right

below:left: Sunset at top of Mauna Kea on Big Island of Hawaii, middle: Maui sunset and on right courtyard in

Palm Beach, FL

Friendship Schooners in Rockland, ME              “Reminising” on porch Museum of Appalachia, TN

Mission Arches, San Antonio TX

hotel hallway, Alexandria VA

Bandon OR sunset                                   Dancing by Heaven’s Light, Ohio

Alaska Tribute, Valdez   Sunset at Ocracoke NC

 Tombstone AZ cowboy